WSCC Daily Blog – Day 1

Sat 14th April 2012 – Day 1

The Irish Senior Curling teams arrived in Copenhagen yesterday and are settled into the Dan Hotel with the exception of coach Gordon who has more sense than stay with the likes of us. The men arrived by courtesy shuttle bus in the evening but the ladies, who got in a few hours earlier, had to push their luggage and broom bags on airport trolleys half a mile to the hotel. No brownie points for the organising committee who had no one there to greet us when we came off our flight. Airport security chased skip Marie down the street and threatened her with a 4,000 kroner fine for nicking airport property but the other three hoofed it, leaving her to talk her way out of jail. Again.

We walked to the rink today for practice and found the ice keen and swingy. There are five sheets in the main rink with two in a separate unit, similar to Greenacres. Boys on the ice just now then it’s the opening party this evening.

Competition gets underway tomorrow.