EMCC Louise’s Blog: 2012-09-30

The Irish team got onto the ice today at the stadium in Erzurum for a practice session. This is certainly an interesting place. Like a scene out of a Star Wars movie.

Not only are we having to cope with the height of the city at 5,000 feet up but the flamin’ hotel is 3,000 feet higher still. Oxygen cylinders could be on the shopping list – if we could find a shop.
First game lunchtime tomorrow.

One thought on “EMCC Louise’s Blog: 2012-09-30

  1. 5ooo ft? A mere stroll up the Mountains of Mourne!!! only half the height you thought you would be sweeping I can only offer one bit of advice____ don’t go back to the hotel Consolidate at that height — sleep in the rink(bar).
    I am having a wee baillies on ice to celebrate the phenomenal European Ryder cup win. I anticipate having another next week when you win. go for it Bon chance love C

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