EMCC Louise’s Blog: 2012-10-02

Game 4 v Italy: 8-2 win for Ireland

After the disappointment of losing their first game in the morning the Irish team came roaring back with a solid performance against Italy. The team of Robin Gray, Louise Kerr, Johnjo Kenny and Hazel Gormley-Leahy had control of the game from the beginning, scoring a three and a two in the first two ends. The Italians had the chance of a four in the sixth end after the Irish got into a guddle but the luck of the Irish held out and he jammed the Irish stone he was hitting onto his own stone giving up the shot.

Game 3: 8-4 loss to Scotland.

It was all going so well too. Ireland´s mixed curling team were 4-1 up on Scotland at the five end break here at the European Mixed curling Championships in Turkey, but the loss of four shots at the fifth end saw the might of the Scottish foursome ease into another gear. In the sixth end Robin Gray´s draw for a one to tie the scores was slightly too long and after his hit for a one at the seventh swung too far, it was handshakes.
The team are still confident of getting more wins but this was a game that they could have won if they had been paying more consistently

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