EMCC Louise’s Blog: 2012-10-04

Game 7 v Russia: 5-3 win

In what would turn out to be their final game at the European Mixed Curling Championships here in Erzurum in Turkey the Irish team of Robin Gray, Louise Kerr, Johnjo Kenny and Hazel Gormley Leahy fourth win in the competition left them with the same ranking as Switzerland and the team were convinced that the record would be good enough to take them into the post round-robin challenge for the final two quarter final places but chief umpire Dor Bothwick said no as Switzerland ranked above Ireland having beaten them in the round-robin.

The team played more consistently in this game and , despite having to deal with a ten-minute power cut at one point, went into the last end with a comfortable two shot lead. But the pressure was on when the Russians got two shots locked in the house with a guard out front. Johnjo peeled the front guard but Louise Kerr with her first stone jammed the guard. When the Russians put on a second guard the only shot left was the raised double take out which Louise thankfully nailed with her second stone. The stunned Russkie fourth played a draw into the house which was a simple take out for Robin Gray for the win.

Game 6: 5-4 loss to Sweden

It was another heartbreaking loss here today for the Irish at the European Mixed Curling Championships here in Erzurum, when the team went down by one shot to Sweden after skip Robin Gray´s last stone draw an inch too far. The team had a roller coaster road during the game from the first end when Robin had to draw against a four. Singles were exchanged for the first few ends but a big mistake by the sweepers in the sixth end meant that the team scored a one when most of the house was open.

The last end was the killer as the team only had to keep the four foot clear for Robin´s last stone but when Louise Kerr just shaved the guard moving it but leaving some cover, the Swedish skip pounced. He drew to the back of the four foot and Robin followed him in for shot. The Swede then froze against that stone leaving Robin with the same shot as his first one but, despite furious sweeping, it just drew a inch too far to the wrong side of the shot stone, rolling a fraction off the shot stone leaving the Swedish shot lying.

Skip Robin Gray said “Shattered to lose a game to the best team in the competition and a perfect freeze from the opposition skip that he would make only five per cent of the time, left us with an extremely difficult shot which with hindsight, we perhaps should have played a cold draw to the pin. Congratulations to our team though who played a fantastic game this morning.”

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  1. Hi Congratulations you all did very well and i know its heartbreaking to go out when tied for 3rd place Was it on Draw shot challange results? I thought you had a chance of being in the post round robin challange. On a brighter note there was a message on my answer phone last night from Kay Gibb saying there is a place for us in the Aberdeen Ladies competition. The dates are 16th -18th November Fri evening to Sunday. Are you and/or Haz up for it I will contact Gilly when i get back from golf Cheers Carolyn

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