ESI 2012 – Quarter Finals

In the quarter finals of the European Seniors Invitation at Greeenacres Ice Rink in Scotland, the team played Per Carlsen of Sweden, with some revenge to be had for previous defeats; Johnjo lost to him in the Europeans in Basel to a last shot raised double and Bill lost to him in the semi-final of the Euro Seniors last year.

The game started well for the Irish holding the Swedes to a single in the first, scoring a double themselves in the second and repeating the pattern in the third and fourth ends to lead 4-2 halfway through the contest.

Carlsen scored a two in the next and then the Kenny team gave up a stolen 2 in the 6th end to go 2 shots down. The guys failed to react quickly to changing ice conditions and lost a bit of concentration and although had the chance to keep the opposition to a steal of one, a couple of misplaced shots allowed the Swede to score 2.

The Irish replied with a single in the next and were well placed to steal in the last end but again failed to nail a couple of draws to the button (after the Swedes fluked a shot to the back of the T clearing a guard) and ran out of stones – hence the score of 3 against.

This was a gutting defeat for the World Champions who felt that they had the momentum to go all the way in this competition but on reflection, the team were very proud of the run of victories they have produced since forming the quintet prior to the Worlds.

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