European Seniors Invitation 2012 – Results

Held at Greenacres, Scotland from 30th Oct 2012 to 3rd Nov 2012. There were 18 mens and 12 womens teams competing from 12 countries.

The Irish Senior Mens team competing were:
* Johnjo Kenny, Bill Gray, David Whyte, Tony Tierney and fifth man David Hume

Bill Gray of team Kenny. Photo: Hugh Stewart

Johnjo Kenny’s team finished the round robin 2nd in their group with 4 wins, and 1 defeats, but lost out in the quarter finals game to Per Carlsen (Sweden) 9-5.

Johnjo Kenny’s round robin results – Karl Grossmann (Switzerland) 5-6,  Carlo Carrea (Italy) 7-6, Win Needeman (Netherlands) 10-4, Keith Prentice (Scotland) 5-4, Sergey Korklenko (Russia) 10-5.

The Irish Senior Womens team were:
* Marie O’Kane, Gilly Drury, Christina Graham and Charlotte Tierney

Marie O’Kane’s team finished the round robin 4th in their group with 2 wins and 3 defeats.

Marie O’Kane’s Results – Barbara Watt (Scotland) 4-11, Margerta Matuskovicova (Slovakia) 6-8, Lois Brown (Scotland) 15-2, Bitte Oslund (Sweden) 3-10, Renata Nedkoff (Switzerland) 8-7.

The overall winners were Karl Grossmann (Switzerland) and Ingrid Meldahl (Sweden).

For full results and some great photos visit the Greenacres website.

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