Bonspiel Dec 2012 – results

Held at Hamilton Ice Rink in Scotland on Friday 28th December 2012. For this bonspiel, attending members were divided up into six rinks who are drawn to play against one other rink.

David Whyte, Alistair Fyfe, Frances Donald and Steve Callan
Carolyn Hibberd, Ian Donald, Christine Furey and Jim Nixon

David’s team won 12-6 and were the overall winners.

Alan Mitchell, Tommy Campbell, Bill Radcliffe, Clare McCormick
Neil Fyfe, Scott Lumsden, Mary Radcliffe, Sue Scotland
Alan’s team won 7-3

Bill Gray, John Anderson, Craig Whyte and Kathie Nixon
David Smith, Dave Hibberd, Vicki Lumsden and Frances Whyte
Bill’s team won 9-7

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