ECC 2012 Team Profile – Craig Whyte

Craig Whyte

Craig Whyte

Name – Craig Whyte
Age – 23
Occupation – Financial Auditor
Status – single / married / divorced / still wondering? – In a long term relationship
Years curling – 5
Home club and ice rink – My home rink is Murrayfield and home club would have to be Edinburgh University where I started playing, although I now play with the Barbarians which is also a great club.

Favourite sport outside curling:
To watch – Football or Tennis – watching Greenock Morton on a Saturday is always good for the nerves and it’s a great era to watch tennis, particularly as a Murray fan!
To play – Skiing, closely followed by Squash and Golf

Who would you really like to meet? – Tiger Woods – despite all the controversy, he was one of my sporting hero’s growing up

Favourite TV programme? – Arrested Development for laughs, 24 or Spooks for thrills

Favourite holiday destination and why? – The Alps – snow, sun and miles of skiing, what more could you want?

Favourite other Irish curler and why? – David Whyte – part of the World Championship Men’s Senior team who defied the odds and beat Canada in the final, plus he’s my Dad so I need to stay on his good side with Christmas fast approaching!

You can save one prized possession. What is it? – My electric guitar, have many happy memories from high school with it, plus aslong as I have it I can keep the pipe-dream of becoming a rock star alive

Who would you choose to be marooned on a desert island with? Derren Brown – saw him live this year and his show was mind-blowing, would love to find out all the secrets behind his tricks

Sum yourself up in five words – Driven, enthusiastic, fun, reliable positive

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