Irish Win One Out Of Three at Four

ICA president, Bill Gray, accepts the Marshall Millenium Trophy from Jenny Bain, the RCCC Ladies Branch President.

AT the popular Four Nations event at Ayr Ice Rink at the weekend,  Ireland beat Scotland but lost to Wales and England.

This was still a fine show as all the scores were close and one  shot or two made the difference. A big pat  on the back to all the curlers who made the effort to be there as  travelling conditions were difficult. Some of the English squad didn’t make it  up at all after their flights north  were cancelled.

Last year Ireland won two trophies and the year before all three,  so let’s all hope that the emerging pattern here doesn’t come to it’s natural  conclusion with Ireland winning zero trophies in 2014!

This event is always one of the most enjoyable curling weekends  socially and after an excellent meal in the ice rink on the Saturday night, John  Munro from Stranraer had the dance floor jumping with his portable disco. The  Pres and the press officer did their, now traditional, audition for Strictly to  the strains of “New York, New York”.

Curling wise – some very good, some good, some not so good. The  ice conditions were a shade tricky, especially in the later sessions, but it was  great to see young girls playing for Ireland! Helen Wilson and Alison Fyfe will  hopefully follow in their dad’s footsteps and represent Ireland at international  level. Neither seemed to be TOO traumatised after emerging from their first Four Nations experience.

Next year it is Ireland’s turn to host the Four Nations and with  the fabled rink in Dublin gone down the toilet the venue is still up for grabs.  President Bill is in negatiations with various ice rinks – all keen to host such  a prestigious event. The ICA blog will  soon reveal the  winner in a world exclusive – as soon as the committee make up their  minds who that is.

Watch this space……

Curling for Ireland in the Four Nations were:

Bill Gray, David Whyte, Alan Mitchell, Arran Cameron, PJ Wilson,  John Burns, Steve Callan, Jim Nixon, Neil Fyfe, John Furey, David Smith, Jim  Winning, David Hume, Yvonne Chalmers, Liz McKay, Louise Kerr, Frances Whyte,  Christine Furey, Fiona Turnbull, Helen Wilson, Sue Scotland, Christina Graham,  Kathie Nixon, Marie O’Kane and Alison Fyfe.

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