Playdown entries needed

Several of next year’s competitions will need playdowns soon and we need entries urgently.

When planning for playdowns, it is difficult to be sure how may teams will enter, and therefore difficult to book the right number of sheets well in advance. There are at least three competitions for which playdowns may need to be held before the end of this season, and it looks as if only the Dumfries Ice Bowl can accommodate us. (They hosted the Seniors Playdowns very efficiently.

  • The European Mixed will be held early next season, but WCF have not yet announced a date or venue. (It is rumoured that it will be at Murrayfield in September.)
  • The European C competition (men and women) will be held early next season, but no date or venue has been announced yet.
  • We hope to hold a Mixed Doubles competition (though not just for teams to compete in the 2014 competition).

Entries for all these competions are invited before 14 February 2013, with appropriate Playdowns and the Irish Mixed Doubles to be held in March or early April. Please send details of teams of qualified players to me at or at 01896 849626. If in doubt as to who might be available and interested, I have the names from a recent survey of women players made by Carolyn Hibberd.

John Burns (Secretary)

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