WSCC 2013 Team Profile – Neil Fyfe

Neil-Fyfe-profile-picName – Neil Fyfe
Age – 51 (will be by the time the Worlds are being played)
Occupation – Police Officer
Status – single / married / divorced / still wondering? – Married
Children – names and ages please – Alison (18) and Mark (14)
Years curling – 37
Home club and ice rink – Leswalt Curling Club playing at Stranraer Ice Rink

In-turn or out-turn? – Either!

Best ever curling memory? – When playing for Ireland in the European Curling Championships in Basel in 2006 beating Thomas Ulsrud from Norway, or winning a junior game of curling at Perth Ice Rink 1-0 after ten ends in Perth in the late 1970’s (before the introduction of the free guard zone rule).

Favourite sport outside curling:
To watch – Volleyball (and not just women’s beach volleyball – although that is rather enjoyable!)
To play – Mountain biking

If you had to switch careers, what job would you do? – Undertaker

Favourite TV programme? – Top Gear

Favourite holiday destination and why? – Florida. Best family holiday memories ever.

Apart from the ICA, what website do you spend the most time on? – Various other curling ones – I really miss Skip Cottage Curling website though. It was the best ever. I think Bob Cowan is a brilliant journalist.

Best / worst subjects at school? – Best – Maths, music or P.E. Worst – Latin by a country mile (yuck!!)

Who’d be your four ideal dinner guests? – Jeremy Clarkson, Margaret Thatcher, Graham Norton and Piers Morgan (only so that he can be put in his place by the others as I find him incredibly condescending and annoying)

Sum yourself up in five words – Brutally honest, competitive, helpful, completer-finisher (not necessarily the words my wife would use to describe me though)

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