Ice storm freezes out skip

AN ice storm has left Irish men’s skip Peter Wilson stranded at an airport in New York. Flights have been cancelled all over eastern Canada and the USA and Pete’s flight has been delayed. His wife Elaine got through to PJ Wilson earlier today to say he was hopeful of getting to Montreal but did not know when he would be able to get a flight from there to Fredericton. We await developments but looks like he will miss practice……

Thankfully, Johnjo missed the chaos and should arrive here in a couple of hours.

WSCC-Irish-PubOther news – after breakfast we took a walk downtown. It’s a brisk 15 minute hike to the heart of the city. Sun was out but there was a chilly breeze coming off the St John River. After a coffee and cake we found an Irish Bar showing the Masters so spend a happy hour with a beer – only some of us – and some crisps on the leather sofas in front of the wide screen telly. Could be our base for the week methinks.

The curling shop next to Home Hardware was a definate stop off and PJ got his shiny new shoes, Neil tried on all styles but could not decide on a winner but the prices are good (logically) compared to back home.

So, snooze time calls – then when JJ arrives we will go out to eat at the diner across from the hotel.

The B&B that the boys are staying in is 10 minutes walk from the hotel here. The owners, a very nice English couple, have a dog that eats squirrels. They feed the little fluffy tailed ones by putting nuts on top of the garden fence and then the dog picks them off one by one.

One thought on “Ice storm freezes out skip

  1. All sounds a bit Canadain to me(squirrel eating dog), but they will be glad to have you and hopefully show you a good time…..remember not too much hospitality, got games to win!

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