The Late Show with the Latvians


I don’t know  how many times we supporters can go through this. The team were in a comfortable position at the sixth end at 6-3 up, but the seventh end was just a guddle. But …. Pete had a hit for one (Latvians were sitting three!) to get 7-3 but took too much ice and chipped the stone and rolled out giving up a two.

However they all played a corker of a last end and with a guard up and an Irish stone behind the button they peeled out everything the opposition tried to get frozen onto the shot. When Pete went to play his first stone the Irish were lying two and he elected to block the angle on a Latvian stone out front, which he did. The Latvian skip then tried a near impossible draw to the button which was… it turned out….impossible.

Team – P Wilson, JJ Kenny, PJ Wilson, N Fyfe.

PJ’s knee is giving him jip so he will sit out tomorrow’s game against Italy and Tom Roche will come off the bench. But the good news is his back is fine.

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