Savona Cup, Prague – Round Robin Game 1

Ireland v Kazahkstan (T) 
0 1 0 1 0 [2]
0 0 0 0 1 [1]

Ireland opened up with a win in their first game against a mixed Kazahkstan team here in Prague today. Playing in the 22nd Savona Cup, the team started without hammer, and due to the 90 minute game limit and general slow play, stayed without hammer throughout the whole of the game.

The Irish play was generally solid, on fast, consistent ice and the two steals for one in the second and fourth ends could have been higher except for some mis-timed shot’s from the Kazak team that somehow conspired against the Irish position.

Although the team never felt under any real pressure during the game, the failure to gain any real traction on the scoreboard meant it stayed tight to the very end.

The last end was probably the Irish team’s worst as they allowed a head built up that could have threatened their slender lead but with four Irish shots in the four foot, the Kazak skipper’s last shot, an inwick off an Irish stone after a long raise, was not only difficult but highly improbable.

Ireland win the game 2 to 1.

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