Five go for broke.

Last day on tour for the workers! (DW and TT staying for an extra day) Game time is 12.30 against Uli Sutor from Fussen. A win here could propel the team into the last 12 which would mean an extra game at 3pm.

The guys (Bill sitting this one out as he and Janie visited the ski jumping hill constructed in 1933 for the 1936 Winter Olympics; and no, Louise,we didn’t climb to the top as we did in Övik!) were always in control and went into an early commanding lead and eventually ran out 13-5 winners. This moved us up to 9th place and a final game against the Czech girls.

This was a much tighter game on predictably tricky ice and more so that this team had played in the Worlds in Latvia in the spring. The team (JJ, BG, DW, and TT) were always pretty much in control going into a 4-2 lead after 6 ends. We had the hammer in the 7th and elected to take a single to try and increase our end score as the competition was a straight Schenkel. The champs got themselves into a bit of a fix in the 8th and last end and were lying 2 against when Kubeskova played her last stone. She went for the win but managed to chip out her shot stone to score only one leaving the guys 5-3 winners. Once all of the games had finished, the boys were 3rd= and ranked 6th on ends.

Leaving Garmisch. Played 6 won 4 drew 1. Not bad for the auld fellas. 3rd equal on points from 44 teams but officially ranked 6th on ends won. Congratulation to winners Team Schoppe. Bis weider!

Unfortunately, JJ, Bill and David H along with Gillian and Janie had to leave before the prize giving as they had a train to catch. Tony Charlotte David W and Frances appeared at the station with our prize which we think is free entry to next years competition – the 50th. We will wait for a translation!!! After this weekends high jinks, participation by this bunch of Famous Fivers is a definite. We have tasked TT with going back to the Hotel to negotiate accommodation including flights and transfer!!

On reflection this has been a great trip with many highs and hilarity, continuing the bond that was formed when we won the Worlds. Simply great craic!!,

Many thanks due to Rainer Schöpp and the organisers for a great weekend and to the many curlers we met and whose company we enjoyed.

As a postscript, the early leavers had a fairly tight schedule to make their flight to Munich. The train journey to Munich station was on time and uneventful. The change to the S1 train to the airport was anything but. First one way then the next; then signalled back by the skipper who then disappeared from sight; then a ‘pier-head jump’ to get down to the platform with one minute to spare. Made it thank God otherwise we may still have been in Munich. Oh the joys!!

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