Day lost at mixed

THERE was drama at Murrayfiled ice rink today when the plant broke down. Finding the ice had melted the organisers of the European Mixed Curling Championships had to option but to apologise and reschedule the draw.

A new plant was en route when the teams gathered for the team meeting and the plan is to have the practice session tomorrow morning. The opening ceremony was binned too and the teams had the day off.

Hazel and I had our nails done in Jenners – and why not?

New draw for Ireland:

Practice – 11.30
v Slo – 8pm

v Fin – 8.30am
v Ita – 4.30pm
v Tur – 10am
v Aut – 12.30pm
v Svk – 8.30pm
v Den – 2.30pm

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