EMCC Team Profile – Hazel Gormley-Leahy

Hazel-GLName – Hazel Gormley-Leahy
Age – 28
Occupation – Marketing Director
Status – single / married / divorced / still wondering? – single
Children – names and ages please – If I had any they would be Sebastian, O, Valeria, 0.
Years curling – Mmmm; according to Facebook photos…4 years
Home club and ice rink – Nikki Beach- Beach Club.

In-turn or out-turn? Which one is which? If holding a stone in my right hand I prefer flicking it from left to right J Spain is different.

Best ever curling memory? – First day I walked out in an Ireland Jersey. All other not for publication: pria….

Favourite sport outside curling: hockey
To watch – tennis
To play – hockey

If you had to switch careers, what job would you do? – wouldn’t change my job but if I had to, I’d like to be a fake doctor or lawyer on TV, like Grey’s Anatomy.

Favourite TV programme? – Hooked on Devious Maids at the moment.

Favourite holiday destination and why? Haven’t had a holiday in years; so favorite work trip destination; Monaco; favorite curling city; loved Moscow!

Apart from the ICA, what website do you spend the most time on? – dailymail.co.uk

Best / worst subjects at school? – Best: Art ; Worst: Irish

Who’d be your four ideal dinner guests? – Why four, that’s an uneven number for dinner!

Sum yourself up in five words – work, laugh, sleep, work, laugh

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