ECC Team Profile: Alan Mitchell

The Irish team heading for the European C league in Copenhagen are in the final stages of preparation.

As usual, we all want to know a bit more about them so here are the answers to the latest profile questions;

AlanMitchellProfilePicName – Alan Mitchell
Age – 43
Occupation – Sports wear designer

Three things you really like? – James Russell, Baxter the dog, Balbirs curry

Three things that really annoy you? – James Russell, being on time, cauliflower

Three things from your ‘bucket list’: sail the Atlantic, win the lottery,

What was the last film you saw? – Fight with Denzel Washinton

And the last book you read? – Billy Grump

Give us a playlist of five of your favourite songs (and artists) –
Dignity – Deacon Blue
– Paper Roses – Marie Osmond
Born in the USA – Bruce Springstein
Don’t stand so close to me – The Police
Walking on broken glass- Eurythmics

And one song you never want to hear again? – I think we’re alone now – Tiffany

What would be your specialist subject on Mastermind? – Scottish football from 1978 to 2008

What’s your favourite meal? – Chicken nawabi from Balbirs

Washed down by? – Arran 16-year-old single malt

Tell us something about yourself that will surprise people? – I fired  a Seahawk missile

You can save one prized possession. What is it? – Baxter

What keeps you awake at night? – The fear of John Furey

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? – Be as good as you can

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