ECCC 2013 Day 1

It was a mixed first day for the Irish team in the Denmark-hosted European C league.

First up was an unfancied Luxembourg team and after taking a three off them, against the head, in the first end the Irish team were away celebrating a deserved victory. Fast forward to the third end where the Irish were 4-3 down and contemplating a long haul. But actually the game turned easy from there on in. A quick 4 back, this time with the hammer, and a series of steals meant the Luxembourgian’s called it a day in the 7th end.ECCC-IRL-LUX-Scoreline

Second up were the much tougher Belarussian team. This game was substantially different and started badly for the Irish, losing three quick singles in succession. A large part of this was down to an unfortunate series of doubles that jammed leaving Belarussian stones under cover. And this was compounded in the fifth end where a custard duck of an end resulted in the Irish losing a three.

Half time therefore saw the Irish 6-2 down and re-arranging for a late dinner. The second half was a different affair. The Irish went full on attack and the Belarussian team struggled with a well-guarded house and by the start of the 10th end things were all square, though it was Belarus with the hammer. Despite setting up the end well, the Belarussian skip played an excellent raised hit and stick to secure the end and the win.IRL-BLR-Scoreline

Playing Romania tomorrow morning at 9am and Slovenia at 7pm

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  1. I met these guys in Poland and they were a fair outfit. However, this is only a slight blip in your performance. You know what you have to do, total concentration and you will be OK. Good luck in your next game.

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