ICA Opening Bonspeil

Held at Lanarkshire Ice Rink in Hamilton on Sun 6th October 2013.

This is the ICA members main opening bonspeil of the season and a chance for all members to get together and catch up on events throughout the summer.

For this bonspeil, attending members were divided up into six rinks who are drawn to play against one other rink.

PJ-Open_bonspeilPJ Wilson, Yvonne Chalmers, Ross Barr & Carolyn Hibberd
Tom Roche, Alison Fyfe, Mary Radcliffe & Nathan Furey
PJ Wilson’s team won 14-3 and is the overall winner
Johnjo Kenny, Gillian Drury, Alison Barr, Clare McCormick,
Neil Fyfe, Ian Donald, Susan Scotland, Isla Kinnear
Johnjo’s team won 9-3
Tony Tierney, Paul Cromey, Steve Callan, Claire Darragh
David Smith, Charlotte Tierney, Bill Radcliffe, Frances Donald
Tony’s team won 7-6

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