KatieKerr_0516-SMALLCalifornia-based curler Katie Kerr is set to bring a bit of Hollywood glamour to the Irish Mixed Doubles Playdowns next month when she flies in to compete in the three-team challenge.

The 25-year-old actress from Los Angles is a member of the ‘Bond Girls’ curling team who have raised the profile of the sport on the west coast of America with the lethal ‘shaken not stirred’ cocktail of good looks, talent and enthusiasm.

Katie, who has Irish grandparents,  has teamed up with our very own  ‘007’ Alan Mitchell for the Mixed Doubles at Dumfries Ice Bowl, December 7-8.

A self-confessed “sports nut”, Katie says she played “every sport possible as a kid” and was recently chosen as one of the eight finalists in the  LA Kings ice hockey team’s ‘superfan’ contest.

In an exclusive interview with the ICA’s Blog’s answer to Miss Moneypenny (that’ll  be me), Katie explains how on earth she got involved with curling…….
“Every year during the Olympics I would become obsessed with curling and always wanted to try it. Like most children wanted to watch ice skating, but I always insisted on watching curling. I finally took my first ‘learn to curl’ in 2009 when I heard about Hollywood Curling and LOVED it, but it was tough to really play because I was still in college. Once I graduated in 2011 I joined the Bond Girls and started getting to really curl. Playing with the Bond Girls has been great because it has given me the opportunity to play around the USA and Canada- most importantly it let me curl on dedicated ice, which we don’t have in Los Angeles.

KatieKerr-BondGirls“I joined the Bond Girls  as their fifth and have been playing with them since then. Our home ice rink is in Los Angeles, California. We play in a league on Sunday nights, but since it is arena ice the conditions aren’t ideal. We travel as much as possible to play on dedicated ice since that really is the only way to improve your game. Though I will say the positive about learning on the worst ice ever is that is teaches you to handle any ice conditions and curling on dedicated ice is always a special treat!

KatieKerr-Irish“My grandparents are from Ireland and I was able to obtain my citizenship through that. I have tons of cousins in Ireland and visited multiple summers throughout my life. My friends from Hollywood Curing, Matt and Jennifer Gamboa, moved to Scotland for the year and met Alan while curling over there. When Alan told them about the ICA they sent my information along to him and I instantly wanted to get involved!

“I am SO excited to curl this December in Scotland! Doubles is a whole new curling world for me so I am really looking forward to it. It will also be great to come over and meet the ICA and find out how else I can get involved in the future. Really exciting to have a new opportunity to curl outside the USA and embrace my Irish roots! Can’t wait to be with my people!”

The Bond Girls came to Scotland to play in the Glynhill at Braehead in January 2012, read Bob’s Blog previewing their visit and check out the Bond Girls Facebook page.

Rumour has it the man with the golden gun is on standby in case of call-offs.

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