What will Katie do next?

MixedDoublesKatieKerrNow that the dust has settled after the Irish Mixed Doubles playdowns one thing we have to mention is the contribution Katie Kerr made to the proceedings. Katie, who came all the way from California to play, was a most pleasant and charming young woman who smiled and laughed her way through a weekend of dreich weather, incomprehensible accents and row after row of dodgy teeth. Katie will be an asset to the ICA and she is keen to come over and curl again in any playdowns going so keep that in mind shipmates for the Mixed or Euro C Division next year.

Mixed DoublesSemiFinalThe staff of the Ice Bowl in Dumfries did us proud producing consistent, excellent ice with good swing, first class catering as well as giving us the thrill of webcasting the final live. Special mention has to go to those hardy volunteers who manned the time clocks.  I have the greatest admiration for anyone who sits stock still in an ice rink for two hours just pressing start and stop buttons at the right time for every shot at every end without losing concentration. Respect.

John-BurnsFinally, special thanks from all the players to our very own John Burns, who did a grand job umpiring the games throughout the weekend. What would we do without him.

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