Mens senior playdowns, Dumfries – game 4


Didn’t I say it would be a photo finish…….
The Kenny team evened things up at two games all with a 4-2 win at Dumfries Ice Bowl this morning.
The form pendulum swung back towards Kenny’s team today, Whyte was sitting this game out and Fyfe playing second stones. JJ missed a free draw for a two in the fourth end when he was short and in the fifth Kenny was again lying two when PJ played a cracking first stone to knock the hidden Kenny shot stone off the four foot. There was still the chance to lie two and put pressure on Wilson but Gray’s hit jammed the Wilson counter straight back onto their own shot. JJ had a good freeze attempt and Wilson’s first shot to tap his stone up was a fraction too heavy leaving Kenny lying shot. JJ guarded out front but the door was open for the hit for a three, but Wilson was surprisingly wide away and Kenny breathed a sigh of relief and stole the one.
In the sixth end the Wilson team built up their stones at the front of the house and attempts by Kenny to get a shot hidden on the button failed. PJ had a hit to lie three but it drew too much leaving Kenny again lying one. JJ went for the freeze to lie two but it drew across the face of his own stone leaving an angle for a double take out and a big end for Wilson but Pete seemed to play control instead of strike and his shooter drew too much and just nicked the first of the Kenny stones leaving JJ lying shot once again. Another steal and a 4-1 lead for Kenny.
In the seventh Pete had a great draw to the top four for shot with his first stone, JJ guarded the draw on that side, prepared to give up the one. Pete had to draw to just touch the edge of the four foot on the other side of the sheet for his two but was too light. 4-2.
Kenny tried to run Wilson out of stones in the last end. When it got to skips’ stones the Wilson crew had one stone a yard short of the house and Pete almost played a perfect shot to tuck right in behind it but just nicked the guard and rolled into the house in the open leaving JJ a simple hit for the game.
Gosh, it’s getting exciting now……
Great coverage from the staff at Dumfries Ice Bowl with both the webcam and commentary. Just about as good as being there.


Wilson     0 1 0 0 0 0 1 x  2
Kenny     1 0 0 1 1 1 0 x   4

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  1. Congratulations to the winners and commiserations to the losers. I am sorry I could not be there but i have enjoyed watching the games. Really top notch curling by both teams.excellent commentry too.Exciting to watch. Carolyn

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