Want to try curling?

Unfortunately there is no curling ice in Ireland. However, the nearest dedicated curling rink is Stranraer Ice Rink, a ferry ride away.

There is a free taster sessions with qualified coaches at the four-sheet rink on Saturday 22nd from 7pm if you want to come and try curling. There is also an ICA bonspiel on at the rink at the weekend if you would like to meet some ICA members and find out more about Irish curling.

Other free taster sessions will take place on Wednesday 26th at 12.20pm; Friday 28th at 6pm; Sunday 2nd March at 5.30pm; Monday 3rd at 10am; Wednesday 5th at  12.20pm and Sunday 9th at 3pm.

For more information contact ice rink manager Gail Munro on 01776 704413 or e-mail gailmunro@northwestcastle.co.uk

5 thoughts on “Want to try curling?

  1. Hi Louise,

    I am in the process of making a formal proposal to the Minister of Sport in Ireland for a National Rink, focused on Curling.

    I just thought I would let you know as I have no contact with Curling Ireland and so have no one to tell. I have sent Robin a facebook message leaving my number but I am not sure how often he uses his account.

    If you have viewing figures of Curling from the BBC for the Winter Olympics from this year and other years can you pass them on.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Seriously considering booking a crossing for the session tomorrow morning. Any idea how long they run for as boat doesn’t actually get in to cairnryan until 9.50am?

  3. Jonny

    I believe you have spoken to Gail Munro about the Try Curling session at Stranraer Ice Rink tomorrow. PJ Wilson, the ICA President, and myself will look into the ice rink to say hello.

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