Closing Bonspiel 2014 – results

Held at Lanarkshire Ice Rink in Hamilton, Scotland on Sunday 16th March 2014. This is the ICA members closing bonspiel of the season, followed by our 20th Annual General Meeting and rounded off with dinner.

Closing Bonspiel winnersFor this bonspiel, attending members were divided up into six teams who are drawn to play against one other team.

Our president Peter J Wilson and his team Christina Graham, Susan Scotland and Jim Nixon won with a +13 score and are the overall winners

Peter J Wilson, Christina Graham, Susan Scotland & Jim Nixon 14
Marie O’Kane, Bill Radcliffe, Margarita Sweeney-Baird & Yvonne Chalmers / John Furey 1

John Burns Paul Cromey Steve Callan, Elizabeth McKay 11
Ian Donald, Isla Kinnear, Francis Whyte, Mary Radcliffe 3

Louise Kerr, Ross Barr, David Hume, Kathie Nixon 8
David Smith, Francis Donald, Cron McKay, Clare McCormick 5

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