ECC 2014 Team Profiles – Hazel Gormley-Leahy

HazelProfilePicName – Hazel Gormley-­Leahy
Age – ­29
Occupation – Marketing Consultant

Earlier curling related memory – SHUFFLE being, well, Shuffle

Favourite curling destination and why – Mmmmm: Erzurum; gave a lot to talk about hahaha

How do you relax away from work (and curling) – What’s that?

The person you most admire, alive or dead, and why – Going with Maria Bravo this year, aka, my boss: she gives great motivational talks that makes you think, even though she too may be going through rough times.

The unlikely interest that engages your curiosity – How some genii worked out that a tiny little piece of metal can work as a sim card to ring someone without cables over the other side of the world; that and who decided “let’s eat the next thing that comes out of that chickens ass”.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure – Now mon ami, I don’t think that could be published.

What is your favourite word ­ – coñio

What’s your biggest fear – ­bananas

Last gig you went to – last night; Gibraltar Music Festival with The Script, Rita Ora, John Newman, Tony Hadley, James Arthur…mmmm…

The film you can watch time and time again –­ Bodyguard

What are you best at – damaging my left knee; without fail at least once a month.

The sport you won’t watch – Fishing…..

And finally, what did you have for breakfast – good point; nothing so far

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