European Invitation Seniors – day 3

Both the Irish teams played their fifth and final round-robin game in the morning.

On sheet A, in the red section, there was the clash of the ice-road trucker juggernauts, Ireland’s Robin Gray and Scotland’s Keith Prentice. This was not a game for shrinking violets with as much testosterone bouncing off the walls as a Navy Seal convention. Team Gray came out on top after eight intense ends of curling by six shots to four. This victory put down a marker that this new Irish team are a force to be reckoned with in senior curling.

Through the back of Greenacres, on sheet E, in the blue section, Team Kenny from Ireland were playing one of the most bizarre games ever against Russia’s Sergey Korolenko. On what JJ said was a challenging sheet of ice (I paraphrase) the Irish boys found themselves 6-0 down after four ends. They then scored a five, a three, a four and a two to win 12-6! “Never again” said the skip afterwards.

And we all thought football was the game of two halves.

Team Gray went on to win their quarter-final 7-3 in the evening against Gus Van Imhoff from The Netherlands to go into Saturday morning’s semi-finals.

Team Kenny headed home.

Good luck to our boys in green!

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