And the winner is…….Tree 2!

The worthy winner

The worthy winner

Christine Cannon has chosen Tree 2 as the winner of the ICA Glitter Tree Trophy 2014.

In her opinion none of the others could hold a Christmas candle to Katie Kerr’s tree-mendous creation from the heart of Tinseltown itself – Hollywood USA. Well done Katie!

The rest were: Tree 1 – Louise Kerr / Tree 3 – PJ Wilson / Tree 4 – Anne Wilson / Tree 5 – Paul Cromey / Tree 6 – Nathan, Erin and Ari Furey / Tree 7 – Yvonne Chalmers / Tree 8 – Carolyn Hibberd / Tree 9 – Marie O’Kane / Tree 10 – David Hume / Tree 11 – Robin Gray.

Merry Christmas!

2 thoughts on “And the winner is…….Tree 2!

  1. Well done – great entry.
    My daughter, Nicola, who dressed our tree, was really exited at the prospect of a full box of Tayto crisps – these are a family legend. Ah well looks as if we will just have to buy our own.


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