Final round up from Fentons

Bill gives us the last word on the Four Nations weekend in Kent:

PJ and Carolyn went into battle against the Anglais in the final mixed games of the competition.The report I have from one of the players is that PJ prevailed in his game by a reasonable margin while Carolyn and her cohorts may have failed to repeat her heroics of English conquests past.
In the end, Ireland have won the Turnbull Trophy which will especially please one of our readers!!
So in the words of the Meat Loaf song “two out of three ain’t bad”.
Huge thanks as ever to the organisers-the ECA in the shape of Tommy Campbell, Alison Arthur and John Brown to name just three.
As for the group of emerald-clad travellers (although it remains to be seen how many follow the lead of Eoin in his shamrock breeks)- many thanks to all who made the trip. We acquitted ourselves well again – and didn’t do badly at the curling either.
Looking forward to the Welsh hosting next year.

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