Four Nations this weekend at Fenton’s

Good luck to all the curlers representing Ireland this weekend in the Four Nations at Fenton’s Rink in Kent against Wales, Scotland and hosts England.

Our teams line-up as follows:


6.00 pm

Men v  Scotland

PJD Wilson JJ Kenny J Burns P Cromey

8.15 pm

Ladies v England

C Hibberd M Sweeney-Baird C Darragh  G Russell


9.00 am

Men v Wales

B Gray A Cameron  R Barr  Eoin McCrossan

Ladies v Wales

C Hibberd, C McCormick C Darragh F Donald

13.30 pm

Ladies v Scotland

M Sweeney-Baird C Graham C Darragh G Russell

15.45 pm

Mixed v Scotland

JJ Kenny C Graham J Burns  J Ward

B Gray C McCormick P Cromey  F Donald


9.00 am

Men v England

PJD Wilson, A Cameron, Eoin McCrossan J Burns

11.15 am

Mixed v Wales

JJ Kenny C Graham R Barr J Ward

B Gray C McCormick P Cromey F Donald

13.30 pm

Mixed v England

C Hibberd  R Barr G Russell Eoin McCrossan

PJD Wilson M Sweeney-Baird A Cameron J Ward


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