The President speaks….

President PJ

President PJ

ICA President Peter JD Wilson said on his return from Fentons:

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for making the effort to travel down to Fentons Ice Rink  in Kent to represent Ireland at the annual Four Nations competition. Everyone played their hearts out to beat Scotland and England, only finding Wales too good for us – this year!

“A special mention has to go to Eoin McCrossan for his all-round performance at the weekend both on and off the ice. He is now an official ICA legend – with or without the trousers!”

One thought on “The President speaks….

  1. Great result well done everyone. Sorry I wasn’t with you – not sure if I could have handled that much fun two weekends running, but delighted that PJ, JohnJo, Bill and John B were all up for it.

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