Brier bits 10

Team Canada or “the big red machine” as they have been branded, have rolled into the Brier final after downing Newfoundland-Labrador 8-6 in tonight’s semi-final. After a week of end after end, near perfect curling, this game was mistake ridden. John Morris didn’t cover himself in glory and his failure to sweep a stone out the back could have cost TC dearly but, luckily for him, Brad Gushue  was not perfect either with his last hit for a three, but still getting the two to go one up going into the last end.

Thankfully a fantastic last stone by Pat Simmonds got TC a three for the win. Brad Gushue had tried to freeze on top of a TC stone which was itself frozen on a NL stone. The Team Canada skip flashed past a guard to spring all three leaving the shooter and two hangers-on still sitting.

I really thought Gushue was destined to win. He had written a ‘bucket list’ as a 12 year old and winning the Brier is the only one he hasn’t ticked off. And when he pulled out that amazing shot against Alberta I was sure his name was on the tankard.

Clocks go forward tomorrow morning here to fit in with USA time, something that was introduced two years ago,  much to most Canadians mild disdain. First thing tomorrow we have the bronze medal game between NL and Saskatchewan then the big one between Northern Ontario and Team Canada.

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