Irish Pete reflects on the playdowns

Irish Pete It was a great men’s championships in Dumfries recently. Unfortunately, one team had to be the losers and their skip Peter Wilson reflects here on the weekend:

Peter said:
Like Johnjo says our team of Tony Tierney, Alan Mitchell, Alan Gilmore and myself were a last minute get together and, with no practice together beforehand, I think the score in the first half of game one was a direct result of that. But after half time we got ourselves going and took that game to the last stone.
“In games two and three we played much better as a result of getting to understand each others’ play. We did much better and won both two and three, although both were tight games.
“Game four was a last stone decider and we had my final draw for the game, which was good for weight, but was always high of line and as a result we lost a two and the match.
“The decider had plenty of spice as both teams were up for this one. Once again the last stone  was needed to produce a winner. In the tenth end we had a draw  for a two to win the match and the championship but as I played the stone I got a pick up from my hand and it came up short, catching on a front guard. In the extra end we had a good end set up as we were lying three when Johnjo went to play the final stone. He drew a lovely shot between our counters to win by an inch.
“I thoroughly enjoyed the competition as did my team and we all enjoyed playing with each other over the weekend.
“I want to take this opportunity to wish the winners, and their coach Martin, all the very best at the ‘C’ Division in Champrey,  and I’m sure they will do Ireland proud.”

Irish Pete has always been the man for the big shot. Here, thanks to Gail Munro, is the clip of his last end, last shot double raise to beat PJ in the Irish weekend at Stranraer last month. PJ was two up and possibly lying two when the thunderbolt struck!

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