Scores on the doors….

Some of the scores from the players themselves at the mixed have proved to be a bit dodgy. So, let’s go with what the umpire wrote down:


  • Game 1 Sat 10am Gray beat Kenny  9-6
  • Game 2 Sat  1.45pm Fyfe beat Kenny 9-1
  • Game 3 Sat  4.45pm Fyfe beat Gray 5-2
  • Game 4 Sun 9.30am Kenny beat Gray 6-4 SemiFinal
  • Game 5 Sun 1pm Kenny beat Fyfe 6-4 Final
Championees! But where did that trophy come from?

But where did that trophy come from?

Our new champion lead Jen said of her triumph:

” I’m chuffed with the win, especially seeing as it’s my first season playing. Really grateful to Marie Tony and JJ for asking me to play in their team and keeping me right. Looking forward to Bern in September!

“Overall it was a really good weekend and the fact there was nothing between the three teams made for some exciting matches.”

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