Good luck to our Irish men!

Ready to take on the world.......

Ready to take on the world…….

Johnjo, Bill, Neil, and the two Davids are packing their broombag at this very minute prior to heading off on the long road to Sochi on Thursday morning.

All the members of the ICA wish them all the best in their quest for a second world title and another big shiny gold medal.

Their first game is against Kazakhstan on Saturday morning at 8.30am (Sochi time) which will be 6.30am back here. They then take on Latvia, Japan, Czech Republic, Canada, Italy and Scotland,  who are all in the same group.

Bill will keep us updated on the website blog with scores, comments, observations and a photo or two, time allowing of course.

2 thoughts on “Good luck to our Irish men!

  1. My daughter and I sat beside you all on the Glasgow train this morning and as we are both curlers we wish you all the best and will follow your progress.

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