WSCC – breaking news!

Ireland to play Czech Republic in Friday morning tie-breaker!

On the WCF website it says:

“Group A, Scotland faced Ireland and, helped by a score of four points in the second end, the Scots won by 7-4 to claim the second qualifying slot in this Group (behind unbeaten Canada, who sat this session out).

In the same group the Czech Republic beat Latvia by 5-4 after an extra end while Japan beat Kazakhstan by 18-0.

These results meant that Ireland, the Czechs and Japan all finished on four wins. Of these three, Japan had the poorest draw-shot record and were eliminated, leaving Ireland and the Czech Republic to play a Friday morning tie-breaker to decide third place in Group A.”

One thought on “WSCC – breaking news!

  1. We are all so proud of you ! So many games in one day and so nearly there. Patrick says he will get his pal Michael j Higgins to ask you to a wee reception at aras an uchtatain ! Best wishes from David h’s sister patricia

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