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ICA members like to know a bit of background information on our international players and Jen Ward has kindly taken up the challenge of answering some ‘profile’ questions for us before her debut on the world stage in Berne at the World Mixed:

Jen will begin her Irish international curling this weekend

Jen will begin her Irish international curling this weekend

Name – Jen Ward
Age – 29
Occupation – HR Officer
Years curling – 1
Home club and ice Rink – None 

In-turn or out-turn? – Out-turn

Best ever curling memory? – I’ve only really got one so far – winning the Mixed Championships in March.  Hopefully loads more to come after our trip to Bern!

How do you relax away from work (and curling) – Go to the cinema

What’s your biggest fear – Birds

What’s your guiltiest pleasure – Blue WKD

Favourite TV programme? – Friends; never gets old!

Last gig you went to  It was a few weeks ago – Sziget Music Festival in Budapest. I also go to see Steve J Ward every week in Edinburgh (bit of PR for my wee brother J)

Favourite holiday destination and why? – Aviemore;  we’ve had a timeshare there since I was 9 and the whole family spends a week there every July (JJ and Gillian included) – it’s always a riot!!

Apart from the ICA, what websites do you spend the most time on? – Instagram and Daily Mail

Best / worst subjects at school? – Best: French; Worst: Home Economics (I still can’t sew or bake so clearly it didn’t work!)

The film you can watch time and time again – Cool Runnings

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