ECCC 2015 Day 2 News – Part 3

Womens Team – 12 noon – Ireland 6 Slovenia 7

The Irish Ladies midday game did not go their way today, but they gave it their all and took Slovenia to an extra end.

Tomorrow, the Women’s team play Croatia at 8am and Spain at 4pm.

Mens Team – 8pm – Ireland 1 France 8

Ireland suffered their first defeat this evening in the European C division match against France. The game started badly for the Irish, losing a one against the hammer which under different circumstances could have been a lot higher. This was followed by the loss of two in the second at which point it became obvious that the Irish team were putting on a very ragged display.

Any promising stones held by the Irish during the game were negated by a good performance from the French skip and in truth the team are just happy to move onto the next match against Serbia tomorrow. Game to France 8-1.

Tomorrow the Men’s team get a bit of a quiet day and play Serbia at 12 noon.

Keep track of their progress on the ECCC live score page.

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