ECCC 2015 Day 5 News

Ladies Team – 8am – Ireland 4 Romania 12

Romanian team seem determined to take this game and managed to pull off several big ends to win the game.

Men’s Team – 12 noon – Ireland 4 Slovakia 2
A refreshed Irish men’s team awoke on Friday morning knowing that their fate was in their own hands in their bid to reach the playoff stage at this years European curling championships in Champéry. A solid performance gave them a 4-2 win which ended Slovakia’s undefeated run in the competition.

The Irish started well and forced their opposition to draw to the four foot to take one point. Following this, a missed hit in the second end gave up a steal of one. The third once again saw the Irish frustrated as a draw for two came up short and set the score at 2-1. The final end before the break was a better one from the Irish as they once again made their opposition face 2 with the hammer. A roll out meant the teams were all square after 4 ends.

With the Slovaks content to blank in the 5th end the Irish had one eye on home and forced their opposition to blank the 6th end too. Another penultimate end blank left the Irish clear in their intentions to muster a steal of one and take the game.

The final end began with guards in position and a missed tick from Slovakia. From here the Irish looked in charge thanks to missed double peels from their opposition. A hogged stone late in the end gave Slovakia a glimmer of hope but another missed double peel gave the Irish their chance to bury one right on the button. After a failed tap-back the Irish guarded as best they good and waited.

The Slovakians attempted a difficult double run-back to leave one red in the house but over-curled, missed the Irish shot stone and gave up a steal of 2 and the game.

The men now look forward to a final round robin game against Iceland at 8pm after which the play-off picture will be decided.

Ladies Team – 4pm – Ireland 9 France 4

The Irish Ladies ladies team matched the Irish Men in winning against the group leaders. France was dispatched with an impressive 9-4 score and the Ladies move straight to a tie-breaking game against Spain at 8pm for the 4th place.

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