Profile – Craig Whyte

10942312_10101186032234301_1636312992366641189_nName – Craig Whyte
Age – 26
Occupation? – Eoin’s Taxi Driver
Where is home? – Edinburgh

Who would play you in a movie of your life? – Samuel L Jackson

Your best quality? – Quickly sewing on event badges

And your worst? – Hitting the brush

Top of your wish list? – Travelling around Australia

On a day off we’ll find you? – Not if I find you first

Starstruck moment? –¬†Having a wee next to the drummer of Supergrass

Your coffee order? – Don’t do coffee

Where would you time travel to? – Back to see the dinosaurs

What do you like spending money on? – ICA subs

Most underrated virtue? – Silence

Celebrity crush? – Natalie Portman

Philosophy of life? – Life is what we make of it.

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