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johnfurey 2Name – John Michael Ó Fiodhabhra (Furey)
Age – 47.813698
Occupation? – I work in the music business (like the other famous Fureys).
Where is home? – Home is where the hearth is.

Who would play you in a movie of your life? – Rick Moranis.

Your best quality? – Persistence.

And your worst? – Introspection, it gets boring after a while.

Top of your wish list? – A shopping trip to Japan with my daughter, Erin.

On a day off we’ll find you? – Introspecting.

Starstruck moment? – Loads, however I’m quite shy, so I didn’t say anything.  Although I have at various times pondered whether to speak to Kylie, buy David Soul a beer, apologise to Clare Grogan for the door incident or ask Arthur Scargill what he’s going to do next…

Your coffee order? – Black with milk.

Where would you time travel to? – I would love to see a glimpse two millennia from now and hopefully not be too disappointed.

What do you like spending money on? – Trips to the European C league.

Most underrated virtue? – Humility. It’s what makes great people great.

Celebrity crush ? – Andie MacDowell (the lead actress in my favourite film, Groundhog Day).

Philosophy of life? – Stoicism

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