Profile – Martin Sutherland

martinSName –  Martin John Sutherland
Age – Age 48 ( physical age 88, mental 8!!!)
Occupation – Full time curling coach and father (same thing really!)
Status  – Married with children!! Jane (29 allegedly!!), Eilidh Niamh (9), Struan Somhairlidh (6).
Years curling – Far too many, about 38!
Home club and ice Rink –Home clubs K2 & Kinross CC. No fixed abode!

In-turn or out-turn? – Both hands easy but may just edge on out.

Best ever curling memory? – Too many curling memories to mention! Actually, either forgotten or was too drunk to remember! About to write my new best moment – 2 Golds!!

Favourite sport outside curling:
To watch – Rugby (apres game the best bit, unless there’s stairs!!)
To play – Sailing or golf

If you had to switch careers, what job would you do? – Quite happy being an International playboy, equally would like to sail professionally.

Favourite TV programme? –  South Park

Favourite holiday destination and why? – The Maldives. Got engaged there, then went back on honeymoon. Needed to say that, Jane is watching!!! It’s actually Antigua!!!

Apart from the ICA, what website do you spend the most time on? – Stampylongnose.

Best / worst subjects at school? –
Best: All sport (except tennis, it’s a stupid game!!). 
Worst: English.

Who’d be your four ideal dinner guests? – Johnny Vegas, Frankie Boyle, Chubby Brown and Cameron Diaz!! Sorry, my family (same thing really!!).

Sum yourself up in five words –  Unfit, bad-tempered, middle-aged, argumentative, sex-God!! (My Arithmetic wasn’t too good either!!)

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