It’s Four Nations weekend

Good luck to our Irish teams at the Four Nations this weekend at Greenacres Ice Rink:image3


Saturday 16th January
Scotland 9am  Men & Women
Johnjo Kenny                                          Ailsa Anderson
James Russell                                        Katie Kerr
Arran Cameron                                       Clare McCormick
Bob Sherrard                                          Jen Ward

Wales 12pm Mixed
David Whyte                                           Alison Fyfe
Fiona Turnbull                                        Tony Tierney
David Smith                                           Charlotte Tierney
Frances Donald                                     Eoin McCrossan

England 3pm Mixed
Louise Kerr                                            Carolyn Hibberd
Ross Barr                                              Dave Hibberd
Margarita Sweeney Baird                      Christina Graham
Steve Callan                                          Bob Sherrard

Sunday 17th January
Scotland 9am Mixed
Bill Gray                                                  David Whyte
Louise Kerr                                             Margarita Sweeney Baird
Alan Mitchell                                            David Smith
Frances Whyte                                       Jacqui Barr

Wales 11.30am Men & Women
Tony Tierney                                            Alison Fyfe
Ross Barr                                               Ailsa Anderson
Eoin McCrossan                                     Katie Kerr
Steve Callan                                           Clare McCormick

England 2.00 pm Men & Women
Johnjo Kenny                                          Carolyn Hibberd
Bill Gray                                                  Charlotte Tierney
Arran Cameron                                       Jen Ward
David Hume                                            Gillian Russell

Last year the Irish teams won the Marshall Millennium versus Scotland and the Turnbull Trophy against England. Wales beat Ireland to the Meikle Trophy.

I’m sure all our ICA players are rev’d up and raring to go.  The lights go green on Saturday morning at 9am when our men and women play Scotland.

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