Senior playdowns – game 3

sp 16 team KennyHammer goes to Kenny. No David Whyte today (down with Stranraer Scurvy) so David Hume is leading.

End 1 – JJ attempts a split on a front stone for two but got it too thick, but does punt it into the house  for one.

Kenny 1 Wilson 0

End 2 – good double raise with PJ’s first to lie 3 / Bill’s hit takes one away / PJ draws for three / JJ triple attempt takes two out / Pete draws to back 12 to lie two / JJ hit and rolls to 8 foot for shot  / Peter’s hit runs  too straight and he takes his own shot out at the back, Kenny steal two.

sp 16 team WilsonKenny 3 Wilson 0

End 3 – When JJ plays his first stone he is lying two so he guards the shot stone on the back four / Pete raises the guard right back onto the shot and splits it out / JJ takes the angle away from Peter who had a straight raise for two / Pete plays  a tap up from outside the rings for one.

Kenny 3 Wilson 1

End 4 – Pete hits shot on four foot to roll to lie two behind the tee at 2 o’ clock / JJ hits one out to lie shot / Pete hits to lie two again  but sets up double / JJ hits them both out for his two.

Kenny 5 Wilson 1

End 5 – JJ lying first and third, Pete second and fourth, draws to the back for third shot saver / Pete hits his front stone onto shot, but just chips the side of the shot, rolling it onto second shot position, Pete lies shot on four foot / JJ  freezes shot stone / Pete draws for a two to back four foot.

Kenny 5 Wilson 3

End 6 – Bill unfortunately upends himself on his first delivery and misses double / PJ guards the two in the house / Bill removes the guard / Pete then misses an opposition winger at 9 o’ clock attempting to lie three / JJ attempts double but only removes one, Pete lies shot behind cover behind the tee / Pete then draw to other side for  two / JJ draws the shot.

Kenny 6 Wilson 3

End 7 – Team Kenny start hitting for home / PJ draws shot / JJ hits to lie second and third / Pete draws to sit a foot high of his shot in third shot position / JJ hits to remove back shot / Pete tries for two, draws too much  but gets the one.

Kenny 6 Wilson 4

End 8 – Pete lying shot front four, so PJ guards / Bill peels guard / PJ draws right into lie above shot at an angle / Bill takes just one away / Pete draws to four foot tee high to lie two / JJ’s double attempt stays straight and he gets just one away / Pete tries to draw behind cover stones on eight foot but wrecks and rolls into the open  – but lies two / JJ nails double for a four.

Kenny 10 Wilson 4


Be back at half seven!

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