Senior playdowns – game 4

Start time moved to 8pm to allow for work on the ice.

Hammer goes to team Kenny

End 1 – JJ  has open hit for a three but get it too high, only gets one.

Kenny 1 Wilson 0

End 2 – JJ good hit and roll onto Pete’s shot at back 12. Pete’s attempted hit catches a front stone. / JJ raises his own front stone to lie two / Pete hits for one.

Kenny 1 Wilson 1

End 3 – Pete lies one with two opposition shots behind on four foot./ JJ tries a tricky angled raise but catches a front stone / Pete plays onto his own shot to lie two but lies open for the hit / JJ nails the hit for the three.

Kenny 4 Wilson 1

End 4 – PJ nice tap up behind guard / JJ first stone double misses shot stone / Pete draws for  two right to back of the button / JJ heavy  with his draw / Pete draws for three.

Kenny 4 Wilson 4

End 5 – It’s all happening here… lots of great shots round a couple of centre guards, Pete lying well but PJ is unlucky with a hit and roll and JJ has the initiative. But Pete makes a stupendous hit and roll to lie behind cover… 3 stones to come… over to you JJ. He has the 4 foot in his pocket but its sticking out there – what can Pete do?  He’s jammed it on his own stone so JJ has draw for 2 or hit Pete’s second shot for 2. He calls the latter as it’s an easier shot.  But he can only half it out, 1 to JJ

Kenny 5 Wilson 4

End 6 – David Hume has the luck of the Irish. A wide take out catches a guard and ends up as a perfect hit and roll! Pete going gamble crazy – 4 against at the half way point.  But Pete is cleaning up quicker than a Dyson….now he has a chance to bury a draw behind cover. Not quite, but good enough as JJ catches the guard trying to remove Pete’s stone. Draw the house for 2 – thanks very much – the casino has paid out.

Kenny 5 Wilson 6

End 7 – Half way through and nothing to report….yawn.  One corner out there covering the edge of the 4. Woken up as Neil plays a peach round it,  Pete can’t reply but Neil’s second runs too far back  -still lying 1, all behind the tee. Enter PJ!!  A little wide but the leprechaun has jumped ship. After a bit of pinball PJ ends up with a perfect freeze on JJ’s stone. Bill rescues the situation with a perfect draw to the front of the tee. Pete can’t reply and worse….he guards the way in. JJ – is that a game winning double on Pete’s back stones? Now lying 2 on the four foot.  Huge shot for Pete coming up. Cold freeze needed round a guard or its a 4 to the ex-world champs……draw catches and JJ plays easy double for 4.

Kenny 9 Wilson 6

End 8 – routine cleaning up – hand shakes all round. Off to bed for the decider in the morning which should be finished by the time Andrew Marr appears.

FINAL SCORE  –   Kenny 9 Wilson 6

2 games each with 1 to play.


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