Senior playdowns – game 5 – THE DECIDER!

Team Wilson with the hammer after another convincing draw shot challenge.

Let the game begin!

Tetchy first end with no more than two stones in the house at any time resulting in Peter hitting a solitary stone to score one.

Wilson 1 Kenny 0

End 2 – Stones of both colours swapping prominence as the end developed.  Peter made a nice triple take-out to lie 4 shots and force JohnJo to draw 1′ to take one.

Wilson 1  Kenny 1

End 3 – A quick end resulting in a nose hit forcing Wilson to to take 1

Wilson 2  Kenny 1

End 4  –  Time saving in the previous end allowed much deliberation over the last few shots of the end.  Lots of stones in play behind the T.  Wilson tried to take double to lie 4 resulting in JJ having a shot to do the same!  The played shot stayed straight down the centre line and only feathered the shot, not moving it far enough and giving up a steal of 1

Wilson 3  Kenny 1

End 5 – Good hit and roll behind cover from Ross leaves Pete lying  two / Neil draws second shot behind a guard / PJ ticks second shot and gets tidy roll  behind the shot / front getting cluttered as both teams look for the angle or the cover / Bill goes full boar for the raised double but it draws too far and doubles two guards / Pete  hits two reds but one roll on top of front second shot  / JJ plays barrier to try to plant the front shot onto the back second shot but stays it stays high and wrecks / Pete tries to get into top 12 to take the angle away from JJ but it stops six inches short and the sweepers get the death stare / JJ has a  complicated raise onto a plant for a multiple end but get the first stone on the high side and doesn’t get the action to move the granite as planned and after the first measure of the championships picks up a single.

Wilson 3 Kenny 2

End 6 – JJ lying three but PJ lifts a double with his first / Bill draws again / PJ goes for glory again but catches his own stone high of the rings / JJ draws for three but they are all lined up like washing and Pete removes two / JJ still lying shot so elects to hit Pete’s shot but rolls out / Pete takes out the only opposition counter for the blank.

Wilson 3 Kenny 2

End 7 – Early doors and Pete lies back eight as JJ gets centre guards up / Tony draws the top four and Neil  wrecks when asked to corner freeze it / Ross heavy so Neil gets another bite at the cherry, he gobbles up the double and rolls behind the guards. Round of applause for that one / Ross catches guard on hit attempt and Bill lands a tidy second shot right on top of first shot  – frozen solid. PJ hits to get space between the stones but bumps opposition into a blanket of cover / PJ can only try and open it up but no much daylight when it’s over / JJ  has an open hit on a stone at four o’ clock for two but no draw there and there’s a blast of fresh air  / Pete’s  tap back on the shot wrecks leaving JJ lying two / He tries to guard shot but doesn’t draw leaving door wide open for Pete to play gentle weight take out for the one.

Wilson 4 Kenny 2

End 8 – TT puts his two in the house and David W draws onto the button on top / Ross nicks it off the button but Neil replaces it / Ross plays the same weight and keep his nerve to get the same result Pete now lies four so Neil gets his throwing arm loaded but just gets one away / Team Wilson have a conference call. PJ lifts the only red guard stone but still stays out front with his own stone / Bill  draw behind this to back eight but Pete still shot stone / PJ draws the button / Bill’s beezer of a shot lands plum on top of it / Pete wicks it out to lie three / JJ freezes perfectly to back button forcing Peter to follow suit and he plays it, and then helps sweep it to its target.

JJ has a hit to force Pete’s stone off the button to lie two but doesn’t quite move it far enough only lying one after the dust settles.


Wilson 4  Kenny 3  FINAL RESULT

2 thoughts on “Senior playdowns – game 5 – THE DECIDER!

  1. Many thanks Louise for keeping us uptodate with your excellent reports.
    It must have been nerve raking and exciting at the same time going into the fifth game.
    Well done to PW and his team and also Commiseration to JJ and his team.

    • Thanks Gordon – credit for the blogs shared with Robin Gray and Gail Munro who were first rate stand-ins when I was on time-clock duties.

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