Weekend round-up

Congratulations to PJ Wilson’s Masters’ team who, without PJ, made it to the final of the Masters at Greenacres.

David Whyte, Jim Stirling, Tony Tierney and David Hume lost the final  to Graeme Adam’s team 5-3.

Up at Kinross on Sunday, six rinks of ICA members turned out on the most inhospitable of days to play in the ‘Spring Bonspiel’, should perhaps be renamed the ‘Blizzard Bonspiel’.

The trophy and the wine was won by Bill Gray, Arran Cameron, Margarita Sweeney-Baird and Gillian Russell. Well done to Bill’s rink,  who finished five shots up on the opposition, and finally, a big thank you to to Carolyn Hibberd for organsiing the competition.

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