Winning skip’s tribute to team

The skip of the new Irish Mixed Champions,

James Russell, took time out from his Uni studies to look back over a very successful weekend on the ice:
Photo Credit: WCF / Pierre-Marie Gabioud

Photo Credit: WCF / Pierre-Marie Gabioud

James said: “First of all, we would like to thank the ICA for organising such a well run and enjoyable competition. Thanks must also go to Alistair Fyfe for being our umpire in the light of John Burns being unable to attend, I think he was fair to all teams throughout the weekend and allowed us to get on with it. The Ice Bowl in Dumfries for allowing us to stage the competition and providing us with great ice as per usual. Also thanks are to go to all competitors, the competition was really close and even though we were undefeated it really could have gone any way. It goes to show the strength and depth we now have in our association that every game went down to the wire and were a real treat to watch, it shows we are moving in the right direction and its exciting what future competitions might bring. Finally I have to thank my team of Ailsa, Craig, and Alison, who played fantastically all weekend and ultimately made me look good. As a skip all you can ask for is that your team gives you the opportunity to make your shot at the end of an end to seal the deal, and they did that tirelessly end after end right up to the last stone of the last game to leave me with a draw to the house for the win. Couldn’t have done it without them. We are all incredibly proud of our little association after this weekend, and of course delighted to be Irish Mixed Champions 2016.”

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