ECC – C League – game 6 – men


Bob Sherrard with the results

Ireland 9 Luxembourg 8 

The Irish men win in their sixth game at the C league. They now stand in third position with 4 wins, 2 losses and 4 round robin games to go. Keep it going team!

Bob Sherrard says:

“Thanks for all the support back home. I know that game may have looked dodgy on curlinggeek but you’ve no idea how hard that game was and our skips stones were funny and weren’t drawing properly. Also Lux tactics mess with your head. They play a crazy game of curling. All the other teams are happy we beat them! We were all completely shattered at the end. Got it all to do again tomorrow…”

Follow their next game with ‘play by play’ graphics against Andorra on Friday 29th April at 11am UK time on – beats hanging on the linescore.

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