Gordon’s reports – qualifier v Germany

GermanyIreland 4 Germany 3
1st End – A bit of slack play  with Ireland not getting the results asked for. Pete tries to lift a treble with his first stone,  managed to clear 2. Hit and stick with his second after being forced to take 1.    1-0.
2nd End – A bit of a hitting end, PJ played excellent double to clear the house. Both skips play hits for the blank .   1-0
3rd End –  Ireland lying 2, forcing Germany to take  their 1.   1-1. Quick end with both teams being defensive.
4the End – Ross going against 3 and lifted a nice double. PJ also lifted a double to lie 1.  Lots of good hits by team Ireland. End blanked. 1-1.
5th End – Good end for Ireland. Pete looking at split for three, decided against it and had a draw for 2.  3-1.
IMG_09386th End – Not  quite getting our hits and rolls this end. Pete hits to lie 2, forcing Germany to take 1.  3-2
7th End –  More stones in play in this end, with both teams having to observe the situation carefully.  Pete looking for a hit a roll behind a guard and makes it, Ireland lying 1 with 2 stones to come. German skip Uwe Saile draws behind the tee, Pete has to follow  but doesn’t make it. 3-3
8th End –  3-3 in the last end with the hammer.  7 stones to come and Ireland are lying 2 and open. Good tactical end, making Germany think their next shot. Two guards out front that fail to be removed, German skip draws round to lie second shot. Pete tries to remove the guard but can’t but Uwe Saile with his last draw wrecks on the guard. 4-3

Ireland into 1/4 finals!

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